Attorney Profile

Randall J. Perry, Esq.

Attorney Randall J. Perry has provided his clients with effective and pragmatic legal counsel and representation for over 35 years. In 1987, Randall began his private practice with a focus on real estate transactions, and business law services for both public and private entities including entity organization and Securities registration and processing and relevant regulatory reporting. Mr. Perry has since expanded his practice also to include mortgage restructuring and renegotiation as well as refinancing and lender participant sales and business transactions including short sales, reverse mortgages and other creative off the mainstream financings.   Randall has also worked extensively in the title insurance industry, searching, reviewing, and reporting on real estate title status for most of the major title insurance companies underwriting title insurance in New Jersey. He also worked for Chicago Title Insurance company extensively both in claims and as an associate underwriting counsel. In addition to his practice, Randall has also served on several corporate boards of directors and has strong ties to many business interests in New Jersey and elsewhere in the Northeast. To speak with attorney Randall J. Perry about your case, contact our firm to schedule an initial consultation.