We assist with business  formation, organization and processing, whether by LLC, corporation (inclusive of Sub-Ch S tax pass thru organization), general and limited partnerships, or other joint venture and/or pro-active business formation,  and give advisory and legal assistance regarding associated management and operational legal planning and implentation, various associated business agreement drafting, including employment agreements, supply agreements, independent contractor agreements, operating and management agreements; review and advisory on financing arrangements and appropriate document drafting therewith regarding, designations and election/appointment of officers, members, managers and directors establishment of regulatory identity, third party service and supply contracts review and advisory, contractor and sub-contractor agreements, voting trusts, joint ventures, shareholder agreements, business entity transfers and asset sales, issuance of equity and debt instruments, options on interest  transfer and buy-out provisions, franchises, business registrations, doing business as and authorization to do business in multiple jurisdictions, business settlement negotiations, investment and investor relations, stock play and other equity utilization and debt financing opportunities and implementationss, and assistance in numerous other business considerations both large and small.  'Mom and Pop' can grow to national prominence with our help.  Small or large, the core business concepts are the same; potential can derive into reality and then expand.  We can assist and advise.  We are privileged to have assisted and continue to guide in the continued establishment of the various and diverse members of our family of entity clients.  It is important to choose wisely your business entity and structure, there being choices each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and we can assist in navigation through the regulatory framework applicable and to adapt your business to help you accomplish your organizational goals.


At the Law Offices of Randall J. Perry, we take it upon ourselves to educate clients about their choices so that they can make informed decisions that are designed to be optimally beneficial  to their business goals, today and in the long run.  Attorney Randall J. Perry, Esq. takes a more personal and individualized approach to considering the needs of, and advising his clients, an approach he believes different from and oftimes absent from treatment afforded by more diverse and oft-times impersonal larger firms.  Mr. Perry works closely and consitently, and personally, with our clients to learn about their expectations and guide them through each step of the process of promoting their business interests and tackling their business concerns, while also educating them as to the particulars of reasonable and advised approach to their legal needs.  At larger firms the attorney you initially speak to about your business needs may likely  be different from the person who handles the details of your case, and important information about you and your business can get lost in the process.  It is likely not cost-effective to go to a "big business" lawfirm for your small business needs. 


Contact our firm to make an appointment for an initial consultation about your small business needs and goals.


Our firm provides legal advisory and assistance to clients  within and about the following business law areas and structures:

-Business formation



- Boutique entities; hybrids

-Investment advantages and operations

-Shareholder agreements

-Investor relations

-Mergers and acquisitions

-And much more


If you are in the process of starting a new business or restructuring your current company or you are acquiring an on-going business and/or are gaining an interest therein, and/or have other concerns to be addressed about the operations of and/or your interests in a business venture, make sure you retain an attorney who will take the time to understand your unique goals.  Contact our firm to speak with Randall J. Perry, Esq. about your business formation and operational issues.