Firm Overview


For more than three decades, the Law office of Randall J. Perry has assisted individuals and businesses local, regional, national, and international, with legal needs with a transactional practice concentrating in the areas of business law, securities, real estate and estate administration.  We consider ourselves to be a boutique value based law firm, providing resources of a larger firm  including access  to filing with the SEC, e-mail access and many other e-commerce attributes  and personal attention concerning the subject matter for which advisory is being sought throughout the progression of the particular transaction(s), all at a fraction of the cost of a larger firm but without sacrificing comprehension and agility.  In good times as well as bad you need a law firm of insight as well as acumen.  We not only handle the problems you see as existing; we also help scope out, recognize and handle protection from potential problems as well as advising on suggested methods of improving performance.  An educated client is preferred by our firm which is why we go to great lengths to increase the awareness of the client to its business orientation and to have them recognize why it is that we give the advice that we do so they are better prepared going forward with their business transactions.


Our firm is committed to helping clients accomplish their business and real estate goals and to plan and administer their estates, regardless as to the level of complexity or involvement, and to giving legal counsel in these and other related and even unrelated areas of legal question and operation; where a matter may be outside the legal practice concentrations practiced by our firm then we should have access to introduction to more suited sources of assistance, as well as to other adjunct and ancillary business services.  We have helped a small business owner purchase and develop a piece of real estate into a bed & breakfast; likewise, we have guided a multimillion dollar corporation through the process of becoming a NASDAQ-listed public entity.  No matter the scope of our clients business objectives, we provide cost-effective legal solutions tailored to their needs.  Contact attorney Randall J. Perry, Esq. to speak with him about your legal issue(s).


The Law Office of Randall J. Perry provides legal counsel to clients in the following areas of law:


Business Law:   Regardless of the size of our clients' businesses, we provide legal advice and assistance in determining the proper legal entity and its organization and business process to protect their individual and company interests and allow them to adapt and expand, offering cost-effective legal solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Real Estate:  Attorney Randall J. Perry's vast title experience has made him a vital resource to clients about to buy or sell real estate who want to make sure the contract  and its processing and title status is free of hidden pitfalls.  Our offices can also assist in formation of real estate investment vehicles to facilitate locating and combining and structuring investment capital to achieve shared increased capital potential to enable potential acquisition of more substantial real estate holdings and returns therefrom, including formation, structuring, registration, and both private and public offerings of interests in real estate limited partnerships and real estate investment trusts (REITS).  Legal counsel and assistance is also directed toward handling of ancillary and adjunct subordinate interests arising from and included within the real estate, including attendant leasing of lesser interests, including residential and commercial tenants, inclusive of cell tower leasing and development and processing of other attributes to the real estate fee title ownership and structure and financing thereof.


Securities:  Thanks to the SEC's attempts to make regulatory compliance more user-friendly and because of technological advances, even smaller companies can gain access to the public marketplace, with proficient and cost-effective legal guidance.  Our firm cost effectively assists in our business client compliance with the myriad of public marketing law and public financing regulatory framework.  We constitute an adjunct to the client's staffing and together we act as a cohesive unit with constant client input with the burden of technical processing diminished so as to allow the client to continue what it knows best - to conduct its business toward financial and operational success, all at a fraction of the legal cost from the typical market for such services, caused in great part by our efficiency and technological structure combined with our esteemed intellect.


Wills, Trusts and Estates:  We can assist in drafting of a Last Will and Testament for a client and associated Estate Planning, including structuring any associated Trusts, and with Will Probate and other Estate Administration processing, wherein such Estate Planning we evaluate the need for and closely cooperate with advisory we direct the client seek from its accounting professional advisors.


Alternative Billing  Our firm offers alternative billing arrangements designed to suit the legal expense budgeting of the client, including in appropriate cases, flat fee billings and value based billing in addition to and/or as an alternative to hourly charging.  It is rare that client is billed for every hour committed so as not to discourage timely and thorough  notices and discussion and appropriate strategizing.  Our firm prefers fee deposits and does require a retainer agreement and identity evidence on every case and we offer discounts on fees paid from fee deposits and other timely payments  which we categorize generally under the auspices of good client discounts.  We also accept payment through all major credit cards, which assists a client by being a way of financing payment of legal fees as well as use for participation in associated credit card benefit programs.  We offer credited initial consultation whereby if retained to assist we will deduct the initial hour consultation fee charged from the initial post retention bill presented.

Although we have no present intent to branch into any virtual law practice which we feel is of questionable value to a prospective client other than for preliminary analysis we do offer currently e-mail access for such preliminary analysis and provide internet capability of relevant input, so as to allow a prospective client better ability at an early stage to gauge the acumen of our firm and ability to assist.  Currently to access such preliminary analysis the e-mail request should contain at minimum name and address of inquiror and their relationship to the subject matter of the inquiry, synopsis of nature of the concern, including status, location of the concern property, and phone and fax contact .  Any advice we may provide is completely within our discretion, will be preliminary only subject to further discussion and shall not be considered formal legal advice unless and until we may be retained to assist, but will be provided at no charge.  Such offer of assistance we feel is a good way to offer prospective clients an early cost effective start on evaluation of their needs for legal counsel by receiving some quick specific answers not pre-set to any frequently asked questions. If the reader feels such service could be helpful advice contact may be made by e-mail at

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