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Limited Litigation


Our firm does periodically handle litigation on a very limited basis basically where such litigation is associated with other services we have rendered for the client and therefore where we feel that we have a special familiarity with the subject matter of the litigation that gives us an advantage in processing such litigation, an example being litigation that may be associated with particular contracts that our firm has assisted the client in establishing.


  We are predominantly a business transactional firm and that litigation which we do handle usually is an adjunct to our transactional matters and associated therewith.  We do consider proactive lawsuits in addition to enforce rights our clients have and which are usually business related.




Mr. Perry has experience in the public marketplace in addition to private sector of business existence and processing, having previously assisted in transition of companies into the public marketplace with capital raising and other preparations therefore, and having represented several public companies, and this experience can also presently be made available in the private sector company market where the advantages of the public marketplace may be evaluated and considered, and Mr. Perry could be instrumental in review and assistance with the structuring of capital raising through equity issuance, which is the fulcrum of public marketplace existence,  and formulating proper structure of companies to bring them compatible with participation in the public marketplace.


Wills, Trusts and Estates


There are many and diverse reasons for having a Will drafted for anyone, reasons that go far beyond the reluctance to appreciate the importance of having a Will because there may be no appreciable assets.  Suffice it to say that your Will is pretty certain to be your last say on Earth.  How else after death will you have any opportunity to direct any of your assets, regardless of monetary value, in any particular direction, and where-else can one comment on one’s life and dictate policy without being confronted with any debate or attempt to dissuade.  It is also of extreme importance to designate a capable fiduciary(s) for one’s Estate processing and care arrangements, to be accomplished by appointment of Trustees, Administrators/Executors, and Powers of Attorney.  We query our potential clients regarding these and other particulars of Estate Planning and Administration.  We draft Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, and a variety of other asset security and disposition/distribution authorization documents, and we assist in Estate Processing post-mortem, whether by Probate or Administration.


In those areas of legal practice where we do not participate – if there be a question a potential client has which derives  from one of those areas – we can still help by referral to among our varied and extensive number of contacts.

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