Real Estate


Our core business area of legal practice has always been real estate, with which law applicability Randall J. Perry, Esq. grew up beside when preparing for his license.  He has an individual title insurance license and has been counsel to, assisted in underwriting and searched and certified on real estate titles of various dimensions for and in joint venture with the most major of national title insurers, being an approved attorney for most and a consultant, which experience and acumen he brings to our real estate transactional practice.  He takes pride in our authorship of various management and other transactional agreements regarding the sale, purchase, lease, management and operation of, and structuring investment in numerous real estate ventures of various character.  We have established quality ancillary contacts for related services, from surveyors, inspectors, banking contacts, environmental review, regulatory liaison, financial consulting, fire and casualty insurance and of course title insurance.  Regarding real estate it is not what you can see that should raise as much concern as what you may not see, and this is where we assist – we look behind the scenes and analyze what we see there,  first understanding what we see, and we report on the risks and we give the opportunity to withdraw if the unforeseen cause too great a concern.  Our goal is to allow the client to make an informed decision and to protect their rights.  We structure and comprehend varied real estate projects – condos, co-ops, multi-family, government subsidized, investment, residential and commercial, first time home buyers to multi-family investment and commercial establishments.  We help locate and structure and critique purchase financing in its various forms.  Covenants, restrictions and easements are reviewed, and established where appropriate, lien status is confronted and strategized; occupancy questions are considered and resolution sought; proper and reasonable adjustments are recognized and title is carefully reviewed and questions raised and handled toward a marketable exchange and/or establishment.  We tailor every transaction to its unique client connection and we infuse our vast experience from practice in the field for over 35 years.  We are cognizant of and thoroughly examine and advise on off the mainstream lender participant property sales-with caveats and no guarantees, but with able assistance, examples being Sheriff Sales, Short Sales, Bankruptcy Sales and Creditor Assignments. 


When purchasing real estate, it is not only what you can see in the contract that should raise concern; it is also what you don’t see.  Many contracts that appear satisfactory on the surface can have hidden pitfalls that may only reveal themselves after completion of the transaction, to an unwary participant.  To make certain that a contract protects the client’s interests, it should be reviewed carefully with an experienced practitioner, imagining the real-world implications of each point of the contract.  There has been tremendous adverse change in the real estate market which has sprung unusual and less than experienced norm transactions, much involving lenders in an active manner that creates scenarios having significant impact on the structure of real estate sales and connected financing so it is even more imperative to consult an experienced attorney to review and advise as early in the transaction process as possible.


At the Law Office of Randall J. Perry our experience with real estate and title insurance goes back more than three decades.  Randall J. Perry, Esq. has a deep and extensive knowledge of real estate transactions that he applies to each individual contract he reviews.  Because of this experience, he can often identify potentially negative conditions in a contract that other attorneys

might blindly accept.  Real estate practice has become somewhat of a “form” practice for many attorneys.  Mr. Perry treats each case for its particular and individualized character. 


Some conditions can greatly affect how property can be developed and cause significant frustration if they are not addressed before the transaction closes.  There may be use and possession issues.  There may be a problematic title history.  There may be other current intervening ownership complications which are associated with persons other than parties to the contract.  We do more than just examine the contents of the contract; we examine the implications of the contract.  We also provide our clients access to a network of surveyors, inspectors, banking contacts, and other professionals necessary to make certain their purchase goes as smoothly as possible.  To speak with a lawyer with more than 35 years of real estate transaction experience, contact us to schedule an initial consultation about your real estate issue. 


We also counsel and assist with advisory regarding establishment and processing regarding the various subordinate interests that may be developed in the real estate including but not limited to leasing, cell tower leasing and financial factoring of interests therein, as well as a myriad of other land use defining.

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